Diagnostics and Treatment

Our bodies have a variety of glands, each of which is interrelated with the nervous system. These small, but influential organs secret hormones and exert influence on the whole human organism. Endocrine gland pathologies can have serious consequences, such as malignant growth, diabetes, obesity, calvities, sudden body weight loss, etc.

Endocrinology is the medical specialty, which studies the structure, the functioning and the disorders of glands secreting vital hormones. Such pathologies develop due to stresses, deterioration of environment, unhealthy diet, vicious habits, and numerous heredity factors. All this can destroy the healthy functioning of the endocrine glands, which often results in serious conditions.

The specialists of our Endocrinology department help patients with thyroid diseases, parathyroid diseases, diabetes mellitus, neuroendocrine diseases, and other pathologies of the kind. In order to diagnose and cure all these conditions, we use both the achievements of modern science and the unique Oriental wisdom. The combination of scientifically accepted approaches of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the state-of-the-art-type equipment lets us achieve excellent results in revealing, prevention, and treatment of most of the endocrine disorders and their complications.

Endocrinology Department

Endocrinology Department is one of the most important units of Tianjin hospital. Its staff includes 24 PhDs and one Academician of Medicine. In order to help our clients, we use the achievements of integrative medicine, which includes both modern therapeutic approaches and the centuries-old Oriental wisdom. Our Department has more than 70 in-patient beds. It’s specialists have developed over 10 types of proprietary medicines. The motto of our team urges us to study and implement the science «with integrity and professionalism», and render high-quality assistance to every client «with compassion and respect».

The head of Endocrinology Department is professor Wu Shentao. With over 30 years of clinical practice behind, he has a solid experience in integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with innovative therapeutic techniques in order to cure patients with endocrine and metabolic disorders. It is Wu Shentao who has invented the unique method of treatment for diabetes. The head of our department has created two medical agents based on the ancient Oriental wisdom. These proprietary preparations have already proved their effectiveness in therapy of diabetes mellitus and proteinuria.


It is very difficult to diagnose endocrine and metabolic disorders. As a rule, their signs are quite indistinctive: for example, the patient can suffer from hyposthenia, fatigue, depression, or sudden loss of weight. This is why most of Europeans with endocrine conditions get to know about their diseases only when they become advanced. The specialists of our Endocrinology Department have a solid experience in diagnosis of all these conditions in their early stages. For this purpose, we apply to the unique combination of modern examinations and tests, state-of-the-art equipment, and the techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


The doctors of Tianjin hospital have a many-year experience in treatment of metabolic and endocrine disorders. We develop a personal therapeutic regimen for every patient, based on his individual medical data and general state of health. In order to achieve excellent results of treatment, our doctors use the unique remedies, aimed at hormonal rebalancing and strengthening of the person’s immune system. Our therapeutic approaches are based on the techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine – acupuncture, moxibustion, physiotherapy, herbalism, massotherapy, vacuum therapy and so on.

Besides, our doctors have worked out the distinctive methods of treatment for the following endocrine conditions:

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy. In TCH, this disorder complies with Bi-syndrome of Xiao Ke. We cure the patients with DPN using herbal teas, acupuncture, cupping therapy, local microwaves, light waves, moxibustion, and so on.

Diabetic dyslipidemia. This complication of diabetes corresponds to different forms Xiao Ke syndrome. The specialists of Tianjin hospital treat such conditions with the use of the Tangduqing granule. This preparation protects all the constituents of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems.

Diabetic nephropathy. DN corresponds to kidney conditions, or, as they are called in TCM, Shenxiao. In order to help the people with diabetic nephropathy our doctors apply to herbal enema therapy and herbal teas. Besides, we have created the unique medical agent for reducing albuminuria and delaying progression of DN.

Thyroid diseases. We manage such conditions using the unique methods of integrative medicine, which reduce possible collateral damage and enhance therapeutic effects of other medications. This approach lets us support healthy Qi and restore the balance in the patient’s body.